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And history isn’t important. . .

Current state of education in NYC: English Language Arts (ELA)–very important. Tested each year. Can’t pass grades 3, 5 or 7 if you are severely below grade level. Grammar rules are not taught so students’ mechanics continue to hinder their … Continue reading

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A Day in Ava’s Life: Part II

(I began this post yesterday, but with all of the fun it didn’t get finished until today. . . )   So after cleaning up, I made a list of all of the things that needed to be accomplished before … Continue reading

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A Day in Ava’s life. . . Part I

So it’s 7:30am, Ava’s awake, in my bed (no idea how she got there!) and hitting me. “Hi! Hi! Uh-oh,” she says as she knocks a bottle off the nightstand. I yell politely ask Dan to get her another bottle … Continue reading

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It’s hard work being so cute

Lately this is the trend. . . We had just eaten breakfast, and

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Ahhh. . . A breath of fresh air

After 6 long weeks in the summer intensive, I’m now on a week vacation. My sister thinks it’s insane that I have a vacation so soon, but I tell you, I’ve never craved a vacation more! So what’s the plan … Continue reading

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Gorgeous Picture and Landscape

(courtesy of this New York Times article) All I gotta say is wow! How beautiful is that! This is from an article in the New York Times about luxury train travel, and how it is making a big comeback in … Continue reading

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What do you look for in a great school?

This summer intensive program has challenged my mind in ways I didn’t expect. It’s been rough, but I’ve grown immensely through the painful process.  Now it’s time to start looking ahead.  Within the next few months, I have two options … Continue reading

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