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Medias, The Town of My Childhood

I love Medias, Romania. I really do. I have great memories of living there (none of my memories have my father in them; I think my mind has repressed those memories). I remember exploring the town by walking and taking … Continue reading

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Beautiful Mountain Drive

I just went on one of the most beautiful mountain drives that I’ve been on in a long time. Probably not since my drives to Alaska. I went up to the Shickshinny Lake region to see about a property we … Continue reading

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Brasov, Romania – My Favorite Town

Google Maps offers a satellite visualization of your map. They’ve improved on it so much, they now have it down quite close all around the world. This is my favorite town in Romania, called Brasov This is the town I … Continue reading

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Getting in Shape

Over the past three weeks, I’ve been steadily increasing my workouts from zero, absolutely none, zilch, nada, to running for 20 minutes at lunch at work, and then speed-walking in the evenings in town carrying 5-pound dumbells in each hand. … Continue reading

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Another divorce. . . What does it really take?

So another one of my friends is getting a divorce. She did everything “right.” She was faithful, temple-worthy, and found a spouse she thought she could be married to for time and all eternity (and that’s a LONG time!). They … Continue reading

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The Bank of Mom & Dad ?

So I just read this NYT article, The Bank of Mom and Dad and it's got me thinking. What type of society are we living in, when college educated individuals literally cannot afford to live on their own without additional … Continue reading

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Large Pyramid Found in Bosnia!

now this is cool, apparently a large pyramid was found in Bosnia, the first one found in Europe, and it is larger than the Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt!

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