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Meme: Getting to know Dan

I am a huge fan of memes. Maybe it’s because it’s so logical-sequential, perfect after a long day of coming up with creative solutions to insane problems. Or maybe it’s because I love learning little details about others. I found … Continue reading

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Pick me up at the Park

So I am coming home from work on Friday, knowing I’ll pick Dan and Ava up and then go to the teacher store in Brooklyn for bulletin board paper and borders, and then IKEA for fabric and art. I pull … Continue reading

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Graduation Day!!

I never thought I’d make it, but indeed I did. Here are a few pics from graduation.  We’ll just say that Ava was umm. . . active and chatty throughout the ceremony.  She even played a nice, active, loud game … Continue reading

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Hard at work

Dan & I both took vacation days for our 3rd anniversary on Monday.  Of course, I had work to do, so this was our Monday morning.  Not bad at all 🙂

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Eat Balls?

This conversation occurred in the car, on our way home from the ferry. Ava Simone: Mama, I ride on the boat. Mama: Yes, Ava, you rode on the boat.  Do you want to eat meatballs for dinner? Ava Simone:  Eat … Continue reading

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