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Update on Adrianna

I wish I had pictures, but I haven’t seen her lately.  She went down to Delaware to see the specialist for the first time.  She does have acid reflux, and now is on medicine (she hates it!).  She’ll be doing … Continue reading

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Higher Ed becomes more affordable

Most people want their children to have a high quality education at the best university possible.  Sometimes that’s the parents’ alma mater and sometimes that’s one of the nation’s top tier universities. The most expensive universities in the nation have … Continue reading

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There is no such thing as bad press?

I used to think this was the case. . . Do I still think so? To some extent–yes.  Getting the word out there is very valuable, when my biggest challenge as a school leader is letting people know that Queens … Continue reading

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Cloak & Dagger stuff

So my school is approved (w00t!!) but I’m not really at liberty to publicly discuss location, etc since I’ve not been introduced to the community yet. This whole process is so interesting, exhilarating but so tiring. I think I worked … Continue reading

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