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Wordless Wednesday

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Friday’s Favorite – China

(picture taken from Maria Varenko’s collection) This is one place in China that I most certainly would love to see someday. This is the Guilin region of the Li River in southern China.

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A Homemaking Meme

I saw this on Lindsey‘s blog and thought it was fun. Sallie has a Mr. Linky up at her blog if you want to participate too. Aprons – Y/N? I have a gorgeous one courtesy of my dearest Emme, who … Continue reading

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Multiple Sclerosis and Genes

Scientists have apparently found the genes that might be involved in multiple sclerosis….. The immune system is what keeps most people’s bodies healthy and free of disease, but for as many as 23 million Americans, it is a cause of … Continue reading

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So how do I cash in?

I just stumbled across this: My blog is worth $92,584.56.How much is your blog worth? If anyone knows how to cash in on this, feel free to comment and let me know. I could use a little more spending money … Continue reading

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Roger Clemens to the Boston Redsox?

Woah, how’s this for a twist, Roger Clemens might choose to go to the Boston Redsox for one more season…..or he could make the mistake and go to the Yankees again. 😉

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Friday’s Favorite – Star Wars, What Happened After the Death Star Blew Up….

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Woohoo Burning Wood Works!

Our electric bill for this last period was ONE HUNDRED AND TEN DOLLARS cheaper than the previous electric bill!!!!!

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Wordless Wednesday

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How are you doing?

Far too often we answer that question with the trite, “Fine,” not wanting to discuss what’s really going on in our lives with others. Sometimes it’s just easier to brush it off, and bear the burden ourselves. Yet, by doing … Continue reading

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