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Flashback Friday

In honor of Simone’s wedding tomorrow, I do a flashback to our second day with her in America in 1993.  We rafted down the Lehigh River, and Frack & CK taught her all of the American curses. . . Then … Continue reading

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Where there is a will, there’s a way

Red playground.  Silver playground.  Green playground.  Each playground in our neighborhood in Manhattan is nick-named by it’s color.  After two days of travelling with a 3 year old through Paris without any jumping, climbing or sliding, or even a view … Continue reading


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Go kick dirt!

After an entire day of this: and this

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*whoosh* and it’s all gone; nothing left but the memories. . .

Our day at the Tour de France in pictures. . .

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Day 1

Note: not all pics are uploaded.  All travel posts will be embellished with more images once we get back to NYC. We flew into Frankfurt, and took a high speed train to Koln (Cologne in English).   Such a gorgeous … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday

My blogger friend, Katie, keeps the Flashback Friday spirit alive.  I’m going to follow in her footsteps and begin some flashbacks. Jessica, Mom, and I circa 1985.  I think this was taken at the San Diego Zoo, which was where … Continue reading

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Zucchini Potato Pancakes

So we had two huge zucchini from Jessica’s garden– and little time to eat it.  But every recipe on this big zucchini website had cheeses we didn’t stock or some crazy flour addition. To add to it, I was wanting … Continue reading

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Genghis Khan on trial

So I’ve been teaching summer school this year.  All year long I was wanting to teach a class, ANY class, just something with me and the kids.  No politics, no drama, lots of laughs and some fun.  Well I got … Continue reading

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This chair is calling my name!

Just wait until I finish the burnt orange curtains. . . Ahhh blissful heaven!

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No Betty Crocker, or Katharine Blakemore

Tomatoes + Cheddar + Parsley + Basil + Olive Oil+ Pasta = Yumminess Tuna + Capers + Black Pepper + Olive Oil + Pasta water = Unhappy family members at dinner Both came from this book.

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