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And su-dork-u too. . .

Ok, I used to think that I was fairly intelligent. Not a genius mind you, but smart to some extent. Until I tried Sudoku. Each time I need a nice slice of humble pie all I have to do is … Continue reading

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Adventures in New York City

The last time Jaime, Ava and I went into New York City was last June when we went to see Jaime’s class graduate from the 8th Grade. That happened to be the last day of a week’s worth of rain … Continue reading

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So excited!

After much discussion and waffling, we are heading to the City today. Ahhhh! I’m so excited.

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Lost Season Three Episode Twelve

Just finished watching Lost III episode 12. Wow, that was an awesome episode. Ben was his usual manipulative self, getting both Locke and Jack real good! I wonder what Jack is going to do now that he’s lost his only … Continue reading

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Micro-homes in the Big City – Tokyo

Heh, we thought our apartment in New York City was small, well over in Tokyo where space is at a high premium, how about building a home big enough for 344 sq ft! Small has always been beautiful in Japan, … Continue reading

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Hats off in support of Bono

This is phenomenal. If you haven’t seen this speech yet, you must do so now. I know this post may not win me friends, as it seems some are extremely anti-Red and anti-Bono, but don’t worry– he speaks directly to … Continue reading

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Lost Season Three Episode Twelve

Last night was the 12th episode of Lost Season 3. It was a good episode, focusing on Claire and her relation to Charlie. She attempted to capture a migratory bird, sure to be tagged by scientists for observation, with which … Continue reading

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