For the past year I have sat on the edge of my seat and down on my knees, praying for the well-being of a family of random, blogging strangers– people I don’t think I’ve ever met, but I have lived in their town (Provo) and probably share many friends with them.

You can read their story here— I can’t recount it or it will bring me to tears.  This weekend was a milestone in their lives, and I would like to celebrate life with them.

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Jaime’s Garden Bolognese Sauce

“It’s refreshing.  So good we should make it when company comes over.”–Dan

“This sauce is good,” says the 2 year old.

And dear lucky family and friends, I’ll share the recipe with you.  Pofta Buna! (Bon appetit in Romanian)

I’ll apologize in advance that I’m a lot like Rachel Ray– I don’t use measuring cups or any form of standard measurement. . . Also know this recipe is enough to feed an army.  We’re getting at least 12 servings out of it.  I had to make it in the 2nd largest pot that I own. Continue reading

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Flashback Friday

pictures-022.jpgDan & I with Jessica & Bella at Outback in Wilkes Barre, June 2004

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Montmartre & Sacre Coeur

Such a gorgeous area of the city.  I think the pictures speak for themselves.

PS–I like the ease of the WordPress Gallery (shown above)–what do you think?  Do you prefer the YouTube slide show (which will be better once we put music to it) or do you like the gallery?

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Just married–in a constant state of bliss

That was the sign on their apartment door, and as I saw them together, I couldn’t help but realize their love for each other.  To protect their identities from random searches, details are omitted, but know I think the world of this couple and I am so happy to see them together.

Mom–don’t cry too much. Continue reading

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Playgrounds in Paris, part deux

Being used to American style playgrounds, we needed to seek them out in France.  We found a few last week, and then we found more.  Yes, I know this is sounding like a playground blog.  If you aren’t interested, just click next for the next post.  🙂

Jardin du Luxembourg (map)


In the child’s playground just near the Senate building, there are 4 sandboxes and 2 pools of water.  It is free to enter, but Continue reading

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Dear Amsterdam,

How do I love thee? Let me count the whys:

§ Gorgeous flowers at every bend

§ Everyone bikes–forget cars, it’s a biking or canal town Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary!

WJD02_1It’s four years later, and I couldn’t be happier.  May there be many many more years to come.

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Flashback Friday


In honor of Simone’s wedding tomorrow, I do a flashback to our second day with her in America in 1993.  We rafted down the Lehigh River, and Frack & CK taught her all of the American curses. . .

2494Then flash forward to May 6, 1998– Jessica & Joe’s wedding.  The 4 sisters together:  Simone, Jaime, Jessica & Oxana

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Where there is a will, there’s a way

Red playground.  Silver playground.  Green playground.  Each playground in our neighborhood in Manhattan is nick-named by it’s color.  After two days of travelling with a 3 year old through Paris without any jumping, climbing or sliding, or even a view of a playground– we were determined to find one for her.

There’s this little garden near our home with 2 slides and 2 rockers.  Not too bad– it’s a start.  So Dan started the morning taking her there, while I was thoroughly engrossed in this book.
Agrandir le plan


After a nice lunch and nap, we walked over the bridge to the 13th arrondisement where there are supposedly some playgrounds.  We found this gem–


Continue reading

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