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Day 1

Dear Oreos, I’m sorry I can’t be your friend anymore.  I’ve given up wheat, sugar and a few other things for this month. Maybe we can be friends again.  But only if I don’t turn into Cookie Monster around you. … Continue reading

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Saving, saving, saving. . .

So many of you know, Dan & I have been saving for our home. With the rising gas prices, longer commutes, and rising prices of everything else, we have to really step up our savings plan. Today Ava & I … Continue reading

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30 Day Organizational Challenge: Day 6 Update

Fifteen minutes has been hard to find somedays, especially on days (like yesterday) when I work for 8+ hours. This whole balancing Mom + home+ work is really hard, but I won’t make excuses.

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I Ate Bread Today!!!

I was a kid in a candy store today. I got to get something I cannot get right now. I have Dermatitis Herpetiformis an annoying disease–though I guess if you are stuck with a disease in this life, one in … Continue reading

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