Playgrounds in Paris, part deux

Being used to American style playgrounds, we needed to seek them out in France.  We found a few last week, and then we found more.  Yes, I know this is sounding like a playground blog.  If you aren’t interested, just click next for the next post.  🙂

Jardin du Luxembourg (map)


In the child’s playground just near the Senate building, there are 4 sandboxes and 2 pools of water.  It is free to enter, but take care not to go on the grass in the middle–the gendarmie will talk to your child about it, if necessary.  Sandboxes are deep and the pool of water is in the middle.  The pool is pristinely clean each morning.  No communal sand toys were there when we visited so you may want to bring your own.  A swimsuit is not a bad option, as most kids got very wet.  There is a spigot for cleaning feet and sand off at the end of the day.


Pictures below are in the paid playground on the western side of the park.  Admission was 1,60€ per adult and 2,60€ per child.  There are two play areas–one for under 7s and another for over 7s.  The over 7 area had swinging ropes, climbing equipment, slides and merry go rounds.  The under 7 area is shown below.  Not photographed were the numerous benches, or the large sandbox for the under 5 group.







Getting there:  RER B to Luxembourg, or Metro 7 to Place Monge, 10 to Maubert Mutualité, 12 to Notre-Dame-des-Champs.  All metro stops are a 10+ minute walk away from the park, except the RER B.

Fees once there:  WC near the entrance is 0,50€ per person.  Café has decent sandwiches although there is plenty of room to sit if you bring your own.  Climbing playground has an entrance fee as does the pony rides that are found in the center of the park.

Jardin des Tuileries (map)



There are 2 playgrounds with climbing equipment, an area for floating boats (you can rent one if you don’t have one), trampolines (2€/5 mins), ferris wheel (16€ for 2 adults, 1 child), other amusement park rides (swings, roller coaster, bungee jumping, etc), and numerous areas for sitting and relaxing.

Getting there:  It is between Le Louvre and Place de la Concord, so it is centrally located.  The nearest subways are: 7 or 1 to Palais Royal/Musée du Louvre; 1 to Tuileries; 1, 8, or 12 to Concorde.  RER C to Musée d’Orsay is just across the river, a short walk away.


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