My Favorite Pixar Movies

Pixar has done a phenomenal job in making movies that both parents and children can love. The following is a list of my favorite Pixar movies. It’s the trend these days, with the release of WALL-E, their latest. Any such list, of course, runs into the bias of the new, and stories like Toy Story tend to be shoved lower because of such frequent viewing. Also, the newer ones have vastly improved graphics. I’ll try to be as objective as I can.

Coming in at #9 : A Bug’s Life

Review: I always felt this was the weakest story of the whole bunch. Flick was a wreck, kept screwing up. Very little of what he did ended up right, and yet his fellow ants still let him shoot for the moon. When so much is at stake, the entire existence of your colony, you don’t let such a screwup make any kind of decision. I have felt that Flick was the weakest of the hero characters. The artistry, the graphics, and the characters are generally great.

At #8: Monsters Inc.

Review: Monsters Inc. felt too formulaic. The concept was brilliant, going into the Monsters’ world. Mike and Scully were a wonderful combination and fed off each other well. But in comparison to some of the other Pixar movies, I didn’t find this better.

At #7: Cars

Review: Cars is a great movie with an amazing introduction. The beginning of the movie is by far my favorite part. I love the whole of the first third of the movie, introducing Lighting McQueen and the big race. I love it all the way through the drive out west. But then, I get bored in Radiator Springs. The movie slows down so much in comparison to what we saw in the first Act that it loses momentum. The characters in Radiator Springs are fun, and the culmination in the evening when all the lights are turned on and everyone is dancing on the finished street is lovely. But alas, it doesn’t last, and we are too quickly shifted back to the faster paced story.

At #6: Toy Story

Review: I was on my mission when Toy Story came out, so it is the only Pixar movie I did not see at theaters. And I’m sad that I missed it, as it was such a refreshing and amazing story. The concept, of course, was brilliant, as was the actual story. It told much more than just a nice story for children about their toys. See, Pixar was Buzz Lightyear, and Disney was Woody. Brilliant!

At #5: Finding Nemo

Review: Finding Nemo would probably be higher on my list if not for how traumatic a story it is. A clownfish loses his wife and 400 of his would be offspring, leaving behind only one. He then loses that one too. Really, really traumatic. The characters are lovely and the story runs well. It does drag a little by the time they are in the whale’s belly. But overall, a wonderful story.

At #4: Toy Story 2

Review: Toy Story 2 was indeed better than the original, only because it improved upon the original. By itself, it requires too much exposition to work, but because it is a sequel, it works beautifully. The story is wonderful. The characters are great. And, for adults, the references to stories they know (“Empire Strikes Back” for example) was brilliant. There aren’t many things I can find fault with this story.

At #3: The Incredibles

Review: The Incredibles touched on everything I love about a movie, a great story, amazing characters, references to other films, and the music. This is an amazing piece of work from Brad Bird, who Pixar should hold on to close.

At #2: Ratatouille

Review: I love the story. I love Remy. I love the passion the movie exudes towards cooking and towards food. Anton Ego, as much as the movie attempts to make him as a bad guy, is at the heart of the show. When he explains, in anger, why he is thin for someone who likes food, he says “I don’t like food, I LOVE it. If I don’t love it, I don’t swallow!” It shows the passion for food.

At #1: WALL-E

Review: I cried at the end of watching this. That’s how much I loved it. I felt this was Pixar’s best, by far. It was an amazing poem to the importance of life and of taking care of ourselves and our world. It was an amazing love story between two totally different robots. I loved the payoff, the planting of the small plant WALL-E had saved while at the same EVE was saving WALL-E. They may not be able to top this movie.


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4 Responses to My Favorite Pixar Movies

  1. imi says:

    omg… you have totally got this thing sorted to perfection. thanx!!! im watching them all!

  2. kikiboop says:

    they are all amazing and cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  3. erin says:

    omg walle was amazing!!! it is truly a genuine love story. so gooood.

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