Sesame Street Rocks

I’ve been on a Sesame Street kick of late, with Ava watching a couple of DVDs we’ve bought for her. One is the 25th Birthday Special, which takes a number of classic songs and packages them in this short 50 minute video.

Unfortunately, some of the songs are not complete, like “Du De Rubber Duck,” a beautiful reggae piece. Here is complete song on Youtube:

Another amazing song is “Put Down the Duckie,” which again in the 25th Birthday Special only shows a minute clip. The original is over five minutes in length and just rockin’!

Then of course Cookie Monster’s classic “C is for Cookie” is in full because it is short:

This searching on Youtube got me looking for other great songs, such as this one called “What’s the name of that Song?”

Then there’s the “Subway!” I can relate 🙂

“Telephone Rock”

and finally, one of the things that made Sesame Street so great, is that it invited talented musicians like Yo Yo Ma to perform.

So take a look at them. I’m on a Sesame Street kick right now. And I’m liking it. Today’s television is so downright nasty and bad. It’s nice to feel the childlike beauty of innocence again.


Gotta add these ones from the Muppet Show: manamana

Moreno and Animal

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3 Responses to Sesame Street Rocks

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  2. emily says:

    these are classics.

    i actually came to your blog (randomly) through a google search for LDS advent material. 🙂 that took me to this entry, about a year old;
    anywho, i was wondering if you possibly still had those stories around? i would just love it if you had a chance to email them to me. thanks!

  3. chellie says:

    This was SO fun to read. C is for Cookie is my VERY favorite! I still have the record of it…. That’s right a RECORD from when I was a little girl.

    Ava is adorable. It’s crazy to think I read your blog before she was even born!

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