Wordless Wednesday – Arr! I’m A Viking!

Arr! Iā€™m a Viking!

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About Daniel

Life is grand. This is the story of a new family, a recently married couple and their honeymoon baby girl. Life throws at you some fastballs, and then some curveballs.
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10 Responses to Wordless Wednesday – Arr! I’m A Viking!

  1. Sue says:

    That is a great shot! Happy WW!

  2. Bobbie says:

    I hope he changes his shoes before he goes to war!
    Neat photo šŸ™‚ Happy WW!

  3. ComfyDenim says:

    Argh back at ya!
    Cool shield. *L* They go so well with the sandals.

    Happy WW!!

  4. Rayne says:

    This is so funny! I love it!

  5. amy says:

    This is quite interesting..THanks for the smile

  6. Bridget says:

    cute–happy WW.

  7. Daniel says:

    This was taken on my last trip in Europe, up in Norway. šŸ™‚

  8. Jaime's Mom says:

    You fit right in!

  9. Rachel (Hermy) says:

    Ha! I love it. Paying hommage to my ancestors, o Romanian one? Not that you knew I was Danish or anything…

    So glad to have my internet back. Now I can catch up on blogs. I’m rather impressed with your family history stuff… good going. You make me look rather bad, I’m afraid. I must repent.

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