And su-dork-u too. . .

Ok, I used to think that I was fairly intelligent. Not a genius mind you, but smart to some extent.

Until I tried Sudoku.

Each time I need a nice slice of humble pie all I have to do is whip out one of those cursed little boxes of numbers and it kicks my behind. I’ve tried to finish these puzzles so many times. My 8th graders used to laugh because they knew I’d get stuck and not have the patience to try to figure it out.

Then I found this great little website. Free, online sudoku puzzles and they’ll tell you if you’re doing ok, and if you want, they’ll tell you which number is wrong. I still haven’t figured out exactly why a few of my numbers were wrong, other than I’m not clairvoyant, but it’s nice to get rid of that little red square.

So tonight is historic. I’ve finally conquered a puzzle, in 15 minutes flat no less. Sure, some of the 3rd graders at the daycare could do it in 5 minutes or less, but I’m still growing. Give me another 2 weeks or so, and I’ll be beating their time.


About jaimeanne

I'm me. Graphic designer extraordinaire, urban master teacher of social studies, former adjunct professor, high school principal, and now most importantly-- Mom to the cutest little girl ever. I try to live by the quote, "Work like you don't need money, Love like you've never been hurt, And dance like no one's watching." I believe in Christ, and sometimes I'm just trying to figure out what He wants me to do. This blog chronicles that journey.
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2 Responses to And su-dork-u too. . .

  1. Sherpa says:

    I adore soduku, but I had to buy one of those books at the drugstore for a couple of bucks that had the easy, easy ones and just work on them. When I messed up, I’d just go on to the next puzzle until I figured out the “logic-tricks” and was able to progress up to the harder level. Now, I’m decent at them, but I don’t like the “really hard ones” that make you guess for the numbers. Its a logic puzzle, not a guessing game!

  2. Kipluck says:

    Those things are SO DANG ADDICTING!

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