Lost Season Three Episode Twelve

Last night was the 12th episode of Lost Season 3. It was a good episode, focusing on Claire and her relation to Charlie. She attempted to capture a migratory bird, sure to be tagged by scientists for observation, with which they could send a message for help. I’m not sure why the episode is called Par Avion (French for “by airplane”) when the message itself wasn’t the main focus, nor the flashback. The flashback revealed what many were assuming, that Claire’s father was Jack’s father. Another inconsistency in the show, Desmond is attempting to still save Charlie’s life, which is fine and all. He reveals that this time Charlie would die while getting a bird from a dangerous area (which he himself gets with Claire following). But….Desmond thwarts Claire’s attempt to capture a bird in a fairly safe area. Maybe I’m assuming too much, but if Claire would have caught that bird, why would she need Charlie to go after the other one in the dangerous area? It seems Desmond himself was creating the self-fulfilling prophecy that would lead to Charlie’s death.

The episode also focused on Sayid, John, Kate, and Rousseau traveling to the Others’ camp. Locke again does something one would think is stupid, though some think Locke has an ulterior motive:

Locke is purging the island. He received the revelation to do so from the Black Cloud a long time ago, and is using Eko’s stick to do it. He deliberately destroyed the Swan station, deliberately destroyed the Flame station last week and now will take on the Others with the C-4. His allegiance has always been to the Island, which healed him (twice) on condition that he serve it.

Sounds like a pretty sensible theory. We’ll see how right it is. The only problem I see with it is that when Locke does destroy the Hatch, he sure looks on his mess with guilty shock. Besides, the destruction of the Hatch was done basically at the instigation of Ben, and not the Black Cloud.

The episode ended on a great note. Jack and Tom (the fake-bearded Other) were throwing a football to each other. Awesome!


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5 Responses to Lost Season Three Episode Twelve

  1. Sherpa says:

    par avion was often used on airmail. Since the bird is migratory that is often tagged by scientist (ie a messenger bird or perhaps a form of airmail) its probably just an allusion to that.

  2. Rich says:

    Good point about Desmond and Charlie. Desmond’s preoccupation with Charlies death, may lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy of Charlie’s death. Or maybe he gets so concerned with Charlie he puts himself or someone else on the Island in danger.

    Good theory of Locke. Makes sense, which worries me.

    I liked the ending as well. Noted a little hint of betrayal in the expression of Kate. She must be wondering how Jack can be enjoying his captivity with the others.

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  4. Daniel says:


    I know, it still is used on airmail in Europe (and I’m guessing Australia too).


    Thanks for commenting. Yes, next week’s episode should be really good. 🙂

  5. Sherpa says:

    Dan, I was trying to say par avion is standard wordage on airmail (and wasn’t thinking us centric). I assumed you knew that meant Europe and other continents.

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