I Dreamt of Daniel Junior

Last night I dreamt of Daniel Junior. He’s not born yet. He may be conceived, but we don’t know at this point. In any case, I dreamt of him, and I was happy. In my dream I was not present at the birth (which will NOT HAPPEN in real life), and when I saw him, at first I thought it was another girl that we got, but then saw…well, he was a boy. And oh how happy I was! (not that I would not be happy with another girl, mind you) 🙂

So does this mean we’re getting another kid on the way? Who knows. But for the time being, I am a happy man who had a happy dream about a boy he might have some day.


About Daniel

Life is grand. This is the story of a new family, a recently married couple and their honeymoon baby girl. Life throws at you some fastballs, and then some curveballs.
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One Response to I Dreamt of Daniel Junior

  1. Kipluck says:

    So when I first read this, I was just thinking it was Jaime because, well, I always think it is. So the line “…I was not present at the birth (which will NOT HAPPEN in real life)” made me think, “well, DUH, unless he’s adopted…”

    Sometimes my brain is just not… ON.

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