Saving On Energy Costs – One Month Later

So it has been exactly one month since I wrote about our way of saving on energy costs. In the picture in the post from one month ago is all the wood we had at the start of using our wood furnace.

Wood Collection

That whole collection is now down to zero, zip, zilch, nada, nothing remains of it but some ash. Man, you sure do need a lot of wood for one winter. But it is definitely much cheaper than doing oil or electric. Our electric bill for November was rather high. I think December’s will go down in comparison.


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2 Responses to Saving On Energy Costs – One Month Later

  1. Sherpa says:

    that’s really not a whole lot of wood. 🙂

    From the time I was 4 until I was almost 17, the only thing we used in the winter to warm our house was a wood burning stove. Vernal is cold, much colder than Provo ever I have many, many memories of stoking, starting fires and doing homework in the only room in the house that was warm. My parents now have a decent furnace in their new home (well, they’ve been living there since I was almost 17), but they still keep the gas heat to about 50 degrees and let the woodburning stove do the rest.

    I’ve also got many, many memories of “gettin’ wood” in the fall. That’s what you do at least several weekends from late summer until the first fall where I’m from.

    Anyway, yeah, woodburning stoves (to comment on a previous post) are cleaner than the furnaces, but they do put out a lot of pollution if most of your valley uses them. Ashley Valley (I actually am from Ashley Valley, not Vernal) smells from woodsmoke from October to March (or April).

  2. Rona says:

    I remember the days when we would order the wood and my dad would go out to the yard to cut it.
    Happy Trivia Day!

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