Saving on Energy Costs

Yesterday some friends from the ward came over to help me cut some wood for our wood burner, to help us save money this winter. Everything in our house is electric. Our electric bill will be high regardless of how we heat the home, but add to it the electric heating, and our bill will probably be in the $400 to $500 range! So we are using our wood burner to heat the home. I haven’t been in a home with a wood furnace before, so this is a new experience for me. I also have not cut wood before (am I a straight up city boy or what!) except for at Scouts camp or when hiking.

We are renting a house on a 100 acre farm. The owners told us we could buy some of the wood on their farm for $35 per cord, which is a great deal. (A member of the ward has offered us his trees for free—but he lives far away, and we’ll take him on his offer in January). I was hoping to get more people than what showed up, but Bill, Sam and I did a great job collecting a bunch of wood. Later in the afternoon, Bobby came with three of his friends and we got a bit more before the sun went down. The picture below shows the total amount of wood we cut and split before we were done.

Wood Collection

I’m going to post another picture in one month. I am curious to see just how much wood gets burned in a month. From what others said, this stack should last about a month and a half. We shall see.

This is a good way to save energy costs, though. When we start looking for our own house, we’ll look for a property that has a good number of trees. Nothing like having free energy! 🙂 You’ve gotta put a lot of effort into getting the wood ready to burn, but I think it is worth it. I lived in Somerville, near Boston in the winter of 2003. For the month of January 2004, my heating bill was $300!!!!! I don’t want to go through that again.


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