Meme for Monday: The Name Game

I’ve been tagged by Chellie over at Happiness is Everything. She’s one of my favorite bloggers, so I’m excited to play along!

So the Meme is “What did you name your kids, and why?” That’s a really good question, and I’m not even sure I’ve written this out for my own journal.

Out of the Temple

Dan & I were married on August 4, 2005 in the Manhattan Temple. That summer was highly stressful, planning a wedding, working full-time, he was finishing his masters, and living 300 miles apart. So we tried to get to the beach as often as we possibly could. It was like manna for the soul.

So not long after we got back from our honeymoon, we decided to make another trip down to Jones Beach. We drove, which you think would make it quicker, but it was still at least an hour from our Northern Manhattan digs. We had just found out we were pregnant a few days earlier, and Dan, being the fabulous librarian he is, grabbed a name book from Queens Public Library. What better thing to do on a nice long drive, right?

So we started going through the book from A-Z, girls first. We’d read a name, and write it down on this paper if we liked it. Then we started pairing up names– Ava Simone, Zoe Celeste, Aliessa Joy, and a bunch of others. There must have been 30 or more pairs on the sheet. With our last name, it’s a little difficult because it’s Romanian but it sounds French, so there are tons and tons of names that just won’t work. So we whittled the list down to two: Ava Simone or Zoe Celeste.And Ava just stuck. I’d love to say it was a family name. I know I had a Great Aunt Ada Cobb, but I don’t know of any Ava’s in the family yet. Simone is the name of Dan’s sister-in-law, and the name of my favorite exchange sister from Germany. It’s strong, yet feminine and I love the sound of it.

It was entirely solidified when I went back to school. My eighth graders immediately knew I was pregnant, even though I was only a month or so along. They kept telling me their Dominican grandma taught them how to look for the bubble. You have to know, I taught this same group of kids for three years in a row: 6th grade, 7th grade and now 8th grade. We grew up together–they went from little, puny pre-teens to full-fledged teenagers; while I grew from being single to engaged and married to pregnant with our first.

Being precocious teenagers, they wanted to know *everything.* So it took until about mid-October before they were pushing to know what the baby’s name would be. In December, I found out that it was indeed a girl, and she was immediately called Ava Simone.

We left open the possibility that when she was born, she may not look like an Ava, but that didn’t happen. Her personality just fit with the name we knew would be hers.



Hmmm, I’m tagging some of my favorite bloggers: the amazing Laurie from The Cromie Family & Team Micah, Lindsay at My Splatter Painted Life, and Nettie at Singing a Verse of My Song, if they’ll play along. If someone else wants to play too, please join in!


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