Lost III: Episode 3 Commentary

My commentary on today’s episode of Lost!

9:05: John Locke needs to speak to the Island! Ah, finally getting back to what happened at the hatch. I’m glad to see Desmond still alive; his character is a really good one. We’ll see what happened.

9:18: That was a weird dream sequence. Note that Ben (Henry Gale) was at the airport—at least in John’s vision—with Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. I wonder who’s got Mr. Eko. The Island is telling John (through Boone) that he needs to save Mr. Eko from “them.” I don’t think it is the Others. I think we’re going to see a larger picture of the Island now. This is good. The writers are starting to tie up some loose ends from Season One that were relegated to the sidelines in Season Two’s confrontations with the Others.

9:28: Hurley! Welcome back! Good thing you had that water bottle on ya! So apparently the polar bears have Mr. Eko. I don’t think that is the full answer. In the preview for this week’s episode, we saw John going down into a cave……

9:37: And there’s the cave….Dude, there are just too many commercials. I mean, look at this, i just posted NINE MINUTES AGO! What was John doing back in the flashback? What is the fertilizer for, I wonder….

9:47: Too many commercials man! Okay, so what’s with the polar bear? How did Mr. Eko get there? I guess he was thrown out of the hatch and left unconscious in the jungle like Desmond and John. And what’s with John being a marijuanna farmer!

10:00: This was a good episode. I’m glad to see something about the events at the hatch. But again the pace is slow. The next episode will apparently go back to the Others, and sadly, from the preview, will employ torture. What is with our television shows and their lust for the use of torture? Com’on guys!


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