Steals Your Content

You have noticed a new addition to my blog in the right column. The Internet is a great tool for publishing your thoughts (and let’s be clear about this, even when you type this, the button at the bottom for when you want this to appear on the web is the “Publish” button) and possibly make money. I could conceivably contact and put some ads on my blog and make some money from all your visits. I don’t do that though. However, there are websites out there that take your RSS feed and make an image of your content on their site (under the guise that they are a search engine intended to help readers find content. However, the problem is that they take the full text of your blog posts and place them on their website. This way, the reader reads your entire post without ever having gone to your own blog. Not only that, but these kinds of sites put up ads so they make money off of your posts. The biggest one right now is I’m not going to link their website on my blog. They do not deserve that honor. They are most vile as they think they can make money off my content without my permission.

There are many blogs who have caught on to this thievery. provides everyone with information on how to stop these thieves.

Here are some links that will help educate everyone on the matter.

the Digital Millenium Copyright Act As a librarian, I went to a conference recently on the issue of Copyright and came back with a stronger understanding of the importance of Copyright laws. As one who writes his own thoughts, copyright laws are invaluable tools. This link to the Wikipedia section will help get an understanding of the law.

Allan Jenkins at Desirable Roasted Coffee dispells some of the myths regarding copyright and blogging.

Plagiarism Today gets into it as well. A few others get into taking down Bitacle.

I’ve done a quick search for content of my blog and have noticed that they have, in their search results, directed readers to my blog exclusively. They’ve been caught and they know it. I will, however, keep the copyright notices up. There will inevitably be others who will follow suit and try and steal my content for their own profit.


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4 Responses to Steals Your Content

  1. chellie says:

    How did you put that in your side bar… I’m obviously not as computer literate as you… I felt the same when I heard about it. Had you heard about it before you saw my post on my blog? Thanks for looking into it and helping us understand it better. How do I protect my blog??

  2. jaimeanne says:


    I hadn’t heard about it until I read your blog today. After I read it, I created a little copyright statement (which Dan revised) and put it in the sidebar. That should protect our blog from theives. I’ve seen numerous other blogs doing that, and I don’t think I saw their content on Bitacle.

    My husband found the code for the buttons at (scroll down for the ones in English).

    As for how to put them into your sidebar, I’m going to leave that to my esteemed techie hubby, as I forget how to work things at Blogger. It’s been a while since we switched to WordPress and things are a little different over here.

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention. It’s kinda scary that there are those who think it’s ok to steal our ideas and thoughts and sell them off as their own. Ick.

  3. redhatmandan says:


    You basically do it like you do with any image. this is the link to the image itself that you use for your link.

    As to the rest, I think has learned its lesson. I checked a search result to my political blog, and it directed me straight to my blog. So they are no longer imaging my posts. But still, we need to be weary about others making money out of our published works.

  4. chellie says:

    Thanks! I will work on this tomorrow night… church is at 8.. I must get to bed! I really appreciate your insight.

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