Lost III: Episode 2 Commentary

During commercials I’m going to comment here on my thoughts. I love this show, and think it is going in a great direction, unlike some. So anyways, here are my thoughts.

9:08 pm

Oooh, Ben (Henry Gale) wants the sailboat, and is surprised at how they got it. I’m glad to see Sun not taking the abuse from Jin. Just because he is the husband does not mean he can take advantage of her like that.

9:15 pm

I’ve always liked Sun’s character and it is nice to go back in her past. Sawyer sees the kiss between Connie and the dude in charge of them. Sawyer and Kate are made to do hard labor. Breaking rocks? Dude, what are these Others up to?

9:25 pm

Go Sayid! Confrontation is acomin’. What is Sun to do? Will she lie to her husband, yet again?

On another note, I realize the story is focusing right now solely on the three captured and the three on the boat, but, man, what’s happened back at the Hatch? When do we get back to that part of the story?

9:37 pm

How did I see that coming? The Others aren’t stupid. They weren’t going to be drawn out by the fire, but would go directly to the boat itself. Boy this is gonna get very interesting.

Also, Kate, woman! What were you doing hanging around while Sawyer was beating up the bad guys? Why did you let yourself get caught!

9:47 pm

Connie got it good! That’s what she gets for being one of the Others. What’s with the meme that they are the good guys? I’m sorry to the writers of the show, but they are not succeeding in convincing me that they are good. They merely prove that even people who look like they are good, normal people, can do very very bad things. That still does not make them good.

10:01 pm

Don’t do it Jack! Don’t trust the devil! Don’t listen to O’Brien. Ben (as he calls himself) is offering Jack to go back home, to America. He showed Jack—in the best scene of the night—the Redsox winning the World Series; the perfect thing to use to highlight the incredible nature of being cut off from the world.

I’m glad to see that the next episode will focus on John Locke and the rest at the Hatch. The beginning of season three supposedly will be broken up into two major sections: the first six episodes with a cliffhanger. Then we get to wait 17 weeks until February when the rest of the show will appear with no break until the end of the season. Sounds good to me. 🙂


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