Saturday’s Stuff

So we’re moving in two weeks from today. I think we have a whopping 9 boxes packed, including the 2 crates of baby clothes that have been packed for weeks now. Yep. We’re lightening fast over here.

I was reading over at I’m an Organizing Junkie‘s blog hoping that some of her zen wisdom will rub off on me. Her post from a week or so ago, The Power of the Purge, really spoke to me. All of the reasons I’ve been holding on to stuff for so many years were dealt with– and now I realize just how silly they are.

But growing up in a very humble family, we tended to hold on to stuff for later because we weren’t always sure we could get it when we’d need it again. But that leaves us carrying soooo much baggage for so many years in between.

So I’ve been purging– and FreeCycling or selling it on Amazon. Can I tell you?! The stuff that gathered dust and took up space in my tiny place has already made me over $100 on Amazon! Wow! And that’s $100 from the sale of just 7 books.
I think I’m almost over being a packrat. Or at least I’ve taken a step towards breaking the habit. If anyone reading this needs to break this habit also, here is a really good article to help you begin.


About jaimeanne

I'm me. Graphic designer extraordinaire, urban master teacher of social studies, former adjunct professor, high school principal, and now most importantly-- Mom to the cutest little girl ever. I try to live by the quote, "Work like you don't need money, Love like you've never been hurt, And dance like no one's watching." I believe in Christ, and sometimes I'm just trying to figure out what He wants me to do. This blog chronicles that journey.
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5 Responses to Saturday’s Stuff

  1. katz says:

    you inspire me, jaime! the past couple days i’ve still been trying to work on the pile of boxes in the living room. it seems like all i’ve done is sort into trash, file, shred buckets. of course all the sentimental stuff went into the scrapbooking boxes because, ya know, i’ll get to scrapbooking them “one of these days”. thanks for the links too. i sent “the power of the purge” to my mom.

  2. Kipluck says:

    I SOOOO need that type of stuff and . Not doing WELL with it, but TRYING.

  3. jaimeanne says:

    I tell you when you start getting $$ for old, unused stuff, it’s *real* motivation. Now I find myself looking at all sorts of books that I would *never* have considered selling, and reconsidering. I even tried to sell some of Dan’s stuff, which he wasn’t too happy about in the beginning, but now he’s deciding he doesn’t need some of it anyways.

    Kip– just pick a few things you don’t need, and post them on amazon or ebay or something. Once you see the reward, you’ll be more motivated.

  4. Bonnie says:

    lol. one time i moved and the night before moving my apartment looked like it did every other day that i lived it in… in other words, i hadn’t even started packing. sounds about normal for me though. i hate packing with a passion. i guess if i put if off i won’t have to leave, so i just keep waiting.

  5. laurie says:

    *bowing to the master…*

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