13 places I’d love to visit

1. The Taj Mahal in Agra, India: Ever since I studied International Development at BYU with Dave Shuler I have been dying to go here!

2. The Golden Temple in Amritsar, India. In my limited interaction with members of the Sikh faith, I have been incredibly impressed by their kind and faithful nature. Karan Singh and Channpaul Singh have influenced me much more than they will ever know in the short time I was able to spend with them in Utah of all places.

3. The Church on Spilled Blood in the center of my favorite European city yet. I love Saint Petersburg with all my heart. The people are amazing, and the language continues to challenge me, but I will prevail. Hugs to Natalja.

4. Guillin, China–every time I see these mountains I crave to be there. We know from the Bible that holy experiences happen on the mountaintops. I only wonder what has happened here.

5. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic–My Dominican students raved about their country for years. Send me. I’d love to experience a sliver of what they have seen.

6. Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Canada–I’m not a huge fan of ice, snow or cold weather, but I’ve always dreamed of a trip to the north. When I graduated high school I wanted to drive up the coast, until I could go no further, but it never happened. Someday it will though.

7. A canopy in Ghana–Now this would scare the beejeezes out of me, but oh would I love to see the lush land and meet the amazing people. As I read about the faith the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Ghana, I just want to meet them. The stories of them walking all day just to get a temple recommend inspire me.

8. Incan stairs over a cliff at Maccu Piccu–My boss got sent to Peru and I was sent to San Salvador, El Salvador. Where’s the justice? She was eating in 5-star restaurants and golf clubs, while I was fearing for my life in a 4-star hotel. The history of this area intrigues me, and how smart are they to put stairs over a cliff! It would definitely deter intruders from other areas.

9. The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand, although I don’t think this is the week to do that trip.

10. The Sydney Opera House–I’ve heard the Metropolitan Opera in New York, but the scenery just isn’t the same. And the accents–oh how I love the accent. . . <sigh> And then of course I’d have to swing on by Brisbane to visit my friend, ElvisPirate. 🙂

11. A trip on the TransSiberian Railroad from St. Petersburg, through Moscow, Yaroslavl, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk (with an obligatory stop at Lake Baikal), Ulan Ude and on to Vladivostok. I really want to see the library in Irkutsk to see if it is anything like what Anton said it was 10 years ago. I’ll never forget him leaving us all of his clothes, to pack 2 full suitcases of English language books to take to the library in Irkutsk.

12. The isolated beauty found in Tahiti–I can always use some sand in my toes and waves crashing at my feet.

13. And lastly, to kayak the oceans and maybe the ruins in Belize.

Some (esp. my husband) will ask why I didn’t list Romania on here as a destination. It’s because I don’t hope to go there. I know we will go there. It’s a given. Our kids need to know about where their father came from.

This post would not be possible without the awesome photography of Rainbowb, Blind Starfish, Vetkaa, WangHL, Mark714, Rexton, bntrphotos, adam_s_johnson, charliel2557, Piero Sierra, gsherman, and eltonito and their generosity to share their photos on Flickr. Thank you!


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I'm me. Graphic designer extraordinaire, urban master teacher of social studies, former adjunct professor, high school principal, and now most importantly-- Mom to the cutest little girl ever. I try to live by the quote, "Work like you don't need money, Love like you've never been hurt, And dance like no one's watching." I believe in Christ, and sometimes I'm just trying to figure out what He wants me to do. This blog chronicles that journey.
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16 Responses to 13 places I’d love to visit

  1. Cheryl says:

    How absolutely beautiful. I haven’t even been out of state in the almost 5 years I’ve been married. I’d love to visit those places too!

  2. my 2 cents says:

    Oh, I want to go to all those places too!! Sounds like fun!! Those are very pretty pictures!!

  3. These are beautiful sights. I won’t wonder why you enjoyed so much.
    Mine’s up.

  4. Francesca says:

    Wonderful! You have me dreaming of travel and new places.

  5. Caylynn says:

    Great list of places to visit! 🙂 Great pictures too. BTW, Canada isn’t always ice, snow and cold. 😉 It’s very warm, and beautiful in PEI in the summer. It has some beautiful beaches and just gorgeous weather. Even up North (Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories) it’s beautiful and warm in the summer. Only in the arctic is it always ice and snow. Some places in Canada have warmer weather year-round than the Northern US.

  6. redhatmandan says:


    I love Canada, especially Banff and Jasper, and the drive up the Alaska Highway. Gorgeous places! And driving up the Alaska Highway….if you didn’t look around too much, you’d think you were driving on any old two-lane highway close to home, but if you looked around, all you saw in all directions was a vast forest with no end in sight. It is at that point that you realize that you are truly away from civilization.

  7. vicky says:

    Wow! Amazing photos ! I’ll bet your TT inspires lots of people to re-think their summer vacation plans for next year !

  8. Nathalitanis says:

    I know what you mean! I would love to take the trans-siberia express! Aaaah, those dreams 🙂
    I hope one day you can visit all these places!

    Thanks for visiting my TT!

  9. carmen says:

    i can tell you that sydney is wonderful! And I’m hoping to get to St. Petersburg and Moscow soon!

  10. JO says:

    wow! lovely places! i would also love to see these places. from this list, i’ve only seen Bangkok.

    blog hoping from TT…

  11. Brony says:

    Great photos. Make me wish I was there.
    Happy TT. Mine is up.

  12. Sally says:

    I went to BYU, too! You seem very educated about different places in the world.

    My parents served in Accra, Ghana a couple years ago. They LOVED it–and everything you hear about the people there is true. The Temple has changed their lives, it’s so exciting.

    Have you read The #1 Ladies’ Detective Agency? My mom loves that series because it reminds her of West Africa.

    I hope you get to visit all those places. Isn’t travelling wonderful?

  13. Jenny says:

    I wanna go to London. *drools* if only i were rich…

  14. Barb says:

    Oh, gorgeous places to visit, but I guess I’m stuck in the USA. My husband was in the AF and went to Thailand, back in 1964. I also have a good friend who lives in Bangkok.

    My TT is up.

  15. Jenny says:

    Any place tropical…that’s where I want to go! Thank you for all the wonderful pictures….visiting your list has been a real treat! Thanks for visiting mine!!

  16. Jaime's Mom says:

    I learn more about you and Dan everytime I read here. Thanks for sharing!

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