Her Sentinel: Part Five

Did Tom make it? Find out!

‘Tom,’ I thought I heard.

There were some weird rustling sounds from all around me.

‘Is he alive?’ Was I dead?

‘Yes.’ Who was that? My memory didn’t recognize that voice.

I tried to open my eyes, and then there was pain from there. The sun was at high noon I guessed. I turned my head to my left for my eyes to focus, and when they did, I saw Alycia, and everybody else. There were also some other people.

‘Where am I?’ I asked and turned to my right. Will was right there beside me patching my shoulder. Thomas patched my arm. ‘Who are all these other people?’

‘They’re other hikers who saw you get shot,’ answered Will.

‘Where’s Khristine?’


‘She’s not dead is she?’ I asked as I got up.

‘She was taken back by—‘ one of the other hikers responded, but I cut him off with, ‘Bob!’ Tears welled up in my eyes as the thought of Bob came up. I felt like giving up. What else was there to do? I was almost killed by those guys.

But I still loved Khristine. I didn’t know what to do. My mind was totally confused and filled with pain. I was glad Will and Thomas patched me up before I awoke.

Anyway, I couldn’t find any use in choosing my fate now, Will would never let me; so what was the point? Still, Khristine was my life and I couldn’t let her down. I made my choice, no matter what Will said.

‘I am going to save Khristine,’ I replied and began walking in the direction of their cave of god, with the response I figured to get.

‘What?’ Will pronounced. I stopped and turned around.

‘You heard me. I will save my Khristine or die trying.’

‘Did any bullets hit you in the head Tom?’ Thomas said.

‘If you want to help, I will be at the cave just below this ridge right there,’ I pointed to the west. ‘Bye.’ I turned and walked away. John and Paul then smothered me.

‘No matter how weird you may be Tom, we ain’t letting you do this,’ Paul replied pushing me back. I drew my knife and faced it towards them.

‘Don’t stop me!’

‘You’re insane,’ Paul said probably thinking to just leave me alone. Which was good. These guys didn’t understand about love and what you have to do to be with your girlfriend. I was intensified with my eyes glaring wide open, trying to fend them off.

‘Good guess,’ I turned around and ran with no apparent followers. Well, who needed them? I was able to kill one guy, why not six more? I reached the campsite and oh what luck! Travis’s gun was still out. As a matter of fact, so was Travis. They apparently didn’t care about Travis or they never made it to camp; which means they are in the cave. Good. That provided me with the opportunity for a sneak attack. What I planned to do was to sneak through the cave until I reached them. Then I would mow them down!

So I trekked down to the camp, picked up Travis’s gun and headed for the cave, not knowing what to expect. When the cave came into sight, I viewed three guards. That meant fewer inside, which in turn meant an easier victory for me.

I then thought of a plan. These guys looked just as dumb as Travis, so I picked up a few rocks. Throwing these rocks out in the distance alerted the three men and two were summoned to investigate. They looked like they weren’t enjoying this guy’s commands. They began swearing at each other when finally one said that whatever that was, was getting away. So then he said to the other two to go investigate and another conflict occurred as to whom the leader should be. I thought that none of them even deserved the ranking of private they way they were acting, so I threw a few more rocks a bit further this time. They hushed and all three decided to investigate. Good. On the walk over to where I threw the rocks, they still argued. What a bunch of goofballs! They did the best impressions of Larry, Curly and Moe that I’ve seen in an while, even better than the originals. They were punching each other in the shoulders, shoving one another into the third and on back the other way; they pulled the worst jokes I’ve ever heard in my life, with return comments like, ‘oh you’re so funny.’ These guys were bozos. I wonder if I enter the cave now, would they notice me? Probably not. So I tried and succeeded.

I entered the cave and smelled moisture of the worst kind. How could Bob and Khristine breathe that stuff? Ugh! On the sidewalls tiny streams of liquid slid down with moss surviving on it. As I entered further, it became darker. My fear of the dark immediately crept through me. Thoughts of these hideous creatures flying at attack speed right to poor defenseless me with glazing red eyes, fears of tripping over a rock and breaking a leg or spraining an ankle didn’t encourage me. Hallucinations of bringing my foot forward to step further, but my foot never touching the ground after that, for a long time tempted me to stop in my tracks. I couldn’t go further. Nothing was making me move towards the dark, no matter who was outside. I couldn’t not with those fears. Never.

But, something told me, what about Khristine? If she could make it through without these problems, why can’t you?

That was a good question, but I had a solution to that. It was simple. She was led. I’m here by myself.

But the next question struck hard and struck deep. Do you need someone to lead you? All right. That convinced me, so I began to walk forward, but at an extremely slow tempo. The smell of the moisture nauseated me and I decided to sit down to feel better. I couldn’t see a light ahead or hear anything ahead of me. How long was this cave?

More pains approached me. This time it was my shoulder. The bulled was taken out, but the torn muscles aggravated me, something that I did not appreciate, especially when I’m about to do something almost impossible.

I rose, figuring that continuing on my quest to find the end of this cave would keep my mind off the painful shoulder. It did, especially since the tunnel began turning to the left and then to the right. I actually got used to traveling in complete darkness. The scent of the moisture was truly strong now and I became dizzy. I sat, trying to regain my balance.

Suddenly, footsteps approached from my right, from the inner part of the cave. All these crazy images of a demented madman with one eye bulging out of its socket with huge bubbles of dead skin covering the face appeared in my head and my heart began beating with the tempo of a runner jogging the 26k in the Olympics. I didn’t want to turn my head; otherwise I would view something even worse. This creature from the right was panting, probably drooling as well as the smell of me, if it could actually smell anything else but this moisture stench. As it approached closer, I realized it was a human, because he whispered something to somebody else.

‘Careful now. Somewhere around here is a ditch. Don’t trip over it.’ They were carrying something. What could it have been? Gold, I hoped.

There was then a scream and I realized why they whispered. The sound of the scream vibrated through the cave, causing damage to my eardrums. They were about two feet away when that happened.

‘Are you alright?’ the other asked the one who forewarned him.

‘Yeah, I better take my own warnings into consideration next time.’

‘Did you sprain your ankle?’

‘Yes, I did. I doubt I’m coming in again.’ How wonderful! ‘I’ll stay back at camp, after we take this out though.’ So that means that there are four guys I won’t have to deal with. But that only leaves this second guy here and Bob. No. There’s got to be more.

After these two left the cave, I continued further through, and I saw a light. Yes! I made it! From what I could see there, this place they dug at was huge.

Then footsteps entered through the entrance of the cave once more and I sat still to let them go by. But I looked to the right and three guys were running, not walking carefully as the other guy warned, but running past me.

I overheard Bob yell in the cave beyond and I couldn’t understand what was going on. Where were these guys running? Then something woke me up from the confusion. It was Khristine’s scream. Something bad was happening outside and Khristine was going to be used as a hostage. No! I wouldn’t allow it.

Rapid-rifle gunshots blazed behind me and I screamed as the sound almost burst my eardrums. I stopped moving and held my ears tight as other screams continued behind me. What was going on?

‘Is that you again you little brat?’ Bob yelled after the rifles stopped and the trampling continued outwards from behind me. All those guys who were blasting each other to bits were outside.

‘Well, don’t come any closer or Khristine’s dead! You hear me!’


About Daniel

Life is grand. This is the story of a new family, a recently married couple and their honeymoon baby girl. Life throws at you some fastballs, and then some curveballs.
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