The Importance of Tithing

Over on Our Thoughts, a Mormon blog in Canada, a non-member had asked a question regarding tithing, in an attempt to understand the principle of tithing. I had answered, and further elaborated on the question, and I wanted to write here also what I wrote at the end, because I think it is an important note about what I think about tithing.

The heart at the center of the Kingdom of God, the Zion we are creating, is love and charity, the serving of others. If you cannot show you are willing to sacrifice your work (i.e. the cash that is the conversion of your hard labor into a currency for exchange), how can the Lord trust you to serve in callings of influence wherein you must serve others? That’s the importance of tithing in regards to leadership positions.

Nothing is easy in this church. Because it is no ordinary church. We are building the foundations of the Kingdom of God. We are building Zion. Zion does not magically appear. It happens from the ground up, from the foundation to the first floorboards. This is the Church of Jesus Christ. It is His work we do. We show our willingness to sacrifice by paying our tithing, so the Lord can trust us in positions of influence where our service will be of greater import.

Tithing is a principle of faith, not currency. Our willingness to tithe shows the Lord he can trust us to further serve others, because we are willing to make a sacrifice of ourselves.


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One Response to The Importance of Tithing

  1. jaimeanne says:

    I think it was my stake president that said, “If no one paid tithing from now until the end of time, the Church would be financially stable.” It is more about testing us, to see if we will obey rather than looking for monetary gain.

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