Tobacco Road

The year was around 1979 and Jaime was not quite three years old as yet. Diane and I were attempting to lay groundwork for Jaime (and soon Jessica). One of our favorite pet peeves was smoking and tobacco products. We considered them to be dirty habits in general notwithstanding the negatve health and welfare pitfalls. We were living at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. We began a campaign of “information” lectures on Jaime about the negative aspects of a smoking habit. Being young and immpressionable, Jaime absorbed the information.

It was my custom to bring Jaime along with me wherever and whenever I could. One day I went for my weekly haircut at the Post barbershop and I decided to bring Jaime along. We entered the babershop amidst a crowd of serviceman waiting their turns. We sat down and waited. Soon it was my turn in the chair and I left Jaime sitting by herself with empty chairs on either side of her. The barber began to cut my hair when a woman walked in and sat down in the chair next to Jaime. The woman immediately pulled out a cigarette, lit it up and began puffing away. To my surprise, Jaime turned to the lady and began a lengthy discussion in a loud voice with the lady on the downside of smoking. I am slinking in my chair as everyone in the barbershop now has their attention on Jaime and the Lady. The lady sat with her cigarette burning away between her fingers as her mouth stayed open in awe at this little tyke lecturing her for about five minutes (it seemed like hours)!

Although Jaime was correct in her attitude and information, it was a rather nervous situation in the environment we were in, especially in 1979. Then, as Jaime finished expressing her opinion, she turned and looked straight at me and said, “ISN’T THAT RIGHT, DADDY!” Then everyone in the shop turned and looked at me! I stood up straight in my Marine uniform in front of all the soldiers and said “ooooooorahhhh!”. Everyone was quiet as I paid my bill and marched out with my fearless daughter in hand.

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2 Responses to Tobacco Road

  1. jaimeanne says:

    Gotta love the truth out of a child’s mouth 🙂 The informational lectures must have worked, because never have I even tried a cigarette or other tobacco product.

  2. redhatmandan says:

    That’s one thing we’ll definitely pass on to our children. 🙂

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