The check is in the mail and yes, your car is done.

So we bought a new-to-us Saturn about a month ago. Great car, except the air conditioning failed me on a 100 degree day. There’s nothing worse than driving with a screaming newborn in 100 degree heat with 70% humidity in a car with no a/c.

So we took it in to get fixed.

Thursday, June 1st

8am I bring the car in.

10am phone rings. . .
Mechanic: You have no freon. We need to put more in. That will be $130.
Annie: There’s no other way? Ok. . .

2pm when I pick up the car. . .
Mechanic: So I’m concerned because you don’t use up freon. It has to be leaking, and we need to find the leak soon so you won’t have to spend $130 again on freon.
Annie: So when do I bring it back for you to check?
Mechanic: Tomorrow afternoon as close to 5pm as possible.

Friday, June 2nd

4pm. . .
Mechanic: We can’t find the leak. We’re trying.
Annie: Well, we have to drive to NYC tomorrow. That’s 2+ hours in the car. When should we bring it back for you to find the leak?
Mechanic: Give it a week. We will see it easier then.
Annie: Am I losing a lot of freon? I don’t want to spend $130 again. . .
Mechanic: Hard to tell. We hope not. It could be a slow leak that will take months to empty the freon.
Annie: Ok. We’ll see you in a week.

A week later. . .

Annie: Please check my car. It’s a/c is not as cold and I know it’s got to be leaking freon. Please find the leak.
Mechanic: We’ll try. Have a seat; it will be a few minutes.

35 minutes later. . .
(imagine screaming baby in the background)

Mechanic: We still can’t find the leak. Give us some more time
Annie: *doesn’t speak. Just begins to nurse crying baby right there in the dirty auto shop waiting room.

35 minutes later. . .

Mechanic: We found it! Your compressor is leaking. You need to replace it and that will be $750 for the part, labor and $130 to recharge the freon.
Annie: Weren’t we trying to avoid recharging the freon?!? Argh.
Mechanic: We’ll order the part 8am Monday and you should bring your car in Wednesday to be fixed.

Monday. . . on the phone

10 am
Annie: Hey! This is Annie with the Saturn. You ordered the part, right?
Mechanic: What part? What did you need? . . .
Annie: Compressor, remember? It’s leaking. . .
Mechanic: Ahhh yes. . .I’ll order it right away and we’ll get it tomorrow. So bring your car in Wednesday first thing so we can start on it at 8am.
Annie: What time will it be done Wednesday? I need to get to Danville for 6pm.
Mechanic: No problem. It should be done by 2pm.


Annie: Give me some good news and tell me the car is done!
Mechanic: Ummm not really. The part, umm, just came in an hour ago. Umm can you bring the car back tomorrow?
Annie: Argh. . . Just keep it and get it done. Can it be done by 2pm tomorrow?
Mechanic: Yes, no problem.


Annie: Hey! How’s my car?
Mechanic: It will be done in just a minute. . .

Annie: Hey! How’s my car?
Mechanic: They’re recharging it now. Should be done in just a minute. . .

Annie: Hey! How’s my car?
Mechanic: Can we call you once it’s done? Now there’s a problem. . .

Are you frustrated reading this??? yeah. . . that’s my feeling today too. Hopefully it’s done tomorrow, and then I’ll put my check in the mail.

About jaimeanne

I'm me. Graphic designer extraordinaire, urban master teacher of social studies, former adjunct professor, high school principal, and now most importantly-- Mom to the cutest little girl ever. I try to live by the quote, "Work like you don't need money, Love like you've never been hurt, And dance like no one's watching." I believe in Christ, and sometimes I'm just trying to figure out what He wants me to do. This blog chronicles that journey.
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