Ava Simone is Born

Our little baby girl, our firstborn, is here, and we love her dearly. The Lord has blessed our lives with a beautiful girl. Ava Simone was born at 3:10pm on Wednesday, May 3, 2006. She is 7 lbs 13 oz and 20 inches long. She is ADORABLE! We are so happy.

Jaime is doing well. She is at the hospital and will be there until tomorrow resting and recuperating. The labor went well, though painful. The labor lasted four hours in total from when the water was broken until the baby was born. Jaime made it through very well. I am very proud of her effort. She is amazing.

We’re very thankful to the Lord for this great blessing in our lives, and hope we can be equal to the task of raising her up in righteousness.



About Daniel

Life is grand. This is the story of a new family, a recently married couple and their honeymoon baby girl. Life throws at you some fastballs, and then some curveballs.
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11 Responses to Ava Simone is Born

  1. Bonfire says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! She is so beautiful. I am so happy for both of you 🙂

  2. thanks Bonfire. she is so ADORABLE!!!!

    an update. Jaime is doing well. She is still at the hospital and will come home tomorrow. The baby is healthy and adorable. 🙂

  3. TK says:

    Y’all dont know me but i just wanted to say Congrats! And shes beautiful. Shine your gun 😀

  4. TK says:

    Just wanted to say congrats! shes beautiful, shine your gun 🙂

  5. mohulamu says:

    SHE’S BEAUTIFUL! She’s a wonderful addition to your family…Congratulations to the new parents!!!!

  6. mohulamu says:

    OOPS…BTW, it’s me, (Ana)Tropicana from linkup…

  7. thanks Ana for the kind words. don’t worry, I knew who you were…


  8. Thai says:

    I think we need to make a trip out to Pennsylvania… the mommy in me just wants to kiss her all over! (… and over again… 🙂

    Say… has she been promised up to any litle baby boys yet?? *wink*

  9. no little boy has come over yet to ask her out, Thai…..


  10. bibliophiliac says:

    she’s so beautiful! congratulations all.

  11. Jan says:

    She’s perfect in every way. Please give her extra kisses from me and tell her someone in Iowa thinks she’s wonderful.–>

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