God, The Universe and Time

so I’m checking out the HuffingtonPost, a nice blog that tells it how it is. One of the threads was about how NASA found a new star that exploded like 12 billion years ago….the thread somehow got into the liberal conservative bash mode….so i posted about how I felt that religion and science are not mutually exclusive. Here is the response from one guy, and my response back to him

“But hey, I am a bit of a looney, a liberal Mormon….not many of us around…”

DAN..the man:

hey i’m just curious…since you must get your notion of ‘christ’ from the ‘bible’ (certainly not the gnostic teachings), and you appear to accept the cosmos as being 13.7 billion years, created from a singularity & best modeled by the big-bang theory…how do you hold these two apparent contradictions together, in your (presumably) rational mind, eh?

do you accept darwinian evolution & the fact that man & apes have a common ancesstor, from which we both evolved about 8 million years ago, & which recent dna evidence fully supports?

in other words, you could not logically take the ‘bible’ (with all it’s errors, redactions, omissions, interpolations) literally, correct?

thus, it must be allegorical…the most obvious being the (two) creation myths in genesis. thus, why do you take the allegory of ‘the christ’ as ‘historical’?

are you aware of the gnostic writings?

are you aware that ALL aspects of the jesus ‘god-man’ character were prefigured in the ancient ‘pagan’ (unfortunately, that term has become a perjorative) mystery religions: osiris, dionysus, attis adonis, bacchus, mithras…apollonius of tyanna…)?

jesus allegedly said: the kingdom of god is within…what do think this means: to ‘know’ theself is to ‘know’ god?

dan…i’m just curious…

Posted by: gnosis on September 13, 2005 at 09:18PM


good questions. i doubt you’ll like my answers though. i’m not as familiar with gnosticism to fully answer your questions to your liking, but I will tell you why I believe the Earth is as old as it is and how it doesn’t actually contradict with my religion.

Mormons do not believe there is a contradiction between science and religion (one of the many aspects about the LDS church that I love). What needs to be understood is that God’s view of time and man’s view of time are two separate things. I’m no metaphysicist, so I can’t ramble on about the philosophy of how time works, but can only tell you what I believe. And I believe I will be proven right when Jesus comes again. šŸ™‚

It has been said in scripture that 1000 years to man is one day to God. or something like that. I do not believe that literally. What I believe is that God lives beyond the realm of “time” i.e. He lives in Eternity where “time” does not exist like we know it. This gives God the ability to see into the “future” of man’s existence as well as the past. If He is beyond it, it would be similar to us watching a movie on our DVD player, using the remote to go back and forth through the movie. Therefore, by man’s standard of “time,” which cannot be changed, and is static, the earth did actually take 4.5 billion years to form. But when God talked to Moses and had Moses write Genesis, He tried to describe the creation of the world to Moses in terms Moses could understand.

Now as far as the Universe is concerned, I am not one who believes in the Big Bang theory. I believe the Universe is infinite and eternal, i.e. greater than the bounds of time and space, and our near-infant like understanding of the Universe cannot comprehend yet how vast and grand the Universe really is.

How’s that for an answer. šŸ™‚

from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2005/09/13/nasa-spots-137b-yearold_n_7261.html


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