A Great Week

Okay, so it has been a while.

Last week I got to spend the whole time with Annie, the first half out with her sister in Pennsylvania, and the second half here in New England. It was a vacation of sorts. We both had paid time off from work, however, we both had work related things to deal with.

In the first half, while in Pennsylvania, I had to deal with the completion of my project, or so i thought it was completed. For my Music Librarianship class, my project was to look at Brown’s collection in computer music and compare with what the professors want for their new Ph.D. program they are starting in the fall. The trouble is that I was not able to get in contact with the professors running the program until the very end and they didn’t like what I had done to that point, (mainly because of the fact that they hadn’t replied back, i had to turn something in to my professor, so i made executive decisions regarding the collection, so it was not a comprehensive list, like they thought they would get). However, we talked for some time and decided to continue the project into the summer. Well, what that meant was that i would be turning in an incomplete project to my professor on Wednesday, when it was due. At first she was not too pleased by it, but she understood the problems and agreed to the new plan. That Wednesday was a tough day, as I drove 500 miles from Pennsylvania to Boston to give the presentation in the evening.

Also in this first half, we spent some nice relaxing time in Pennsylvania, hanging out with Annie’s sister and her CUTE daughter, who just celebrated her 3rd birthday that Sunday. We also went to David’s Bridal, and had an interesting experience there. At first, Annie and her sister went into the store while i went into the mall (what good was I at the bridal store?)…well it turned out that i was needed at the store. about 45 minutes after i left them at David’s Bridal, they came into the mall, visibly upset. apparently, no one helped them at David’s Bridal, even though they waited WITH DRESSES IN HAND to be helped! Annie swore she would never enter the store again. She also didn’t have the best experience at the David’s Bridal in Queens when she first bought the original dress. So i went to the store and asked for the manager. my intent was to get the corporate number and give them a call complaining of the lack of service in both those stores. the manager, however, was emphatic and understood the concern and asked that i talk to my fiance and bring her back in the store so she could be serviced. i went back to Annie and, with good diplomacy, convinced her to try the store one more time. this time, they treated her like they should have treated her at the start. i stayed in the store the whole time this time, and i think they understood clearly that i intended for my fiance to be treated right. so it turned out that Annie chose a different dress, one that fit better our needs, and yes, i did see my future bride in her wedding gown before the wedding (I ain’t a superstitious kinda guy anyways, so no need to knock on wood for me!).

We also took our engagement pictures out in Pennsylvania. Annie’s sister lived in a nice small home out in the boondocks with a nice backyard, so we dressed up in the clothes we had bought for this occasion and took some nice pictures.

That was the first half…nice, relaxing, though a bit stressful for me in regards to my project…

The Second Half

in the second half, up in New England, the stress belonged to Annie.

on Thursday, the day after my stressful day, Annie had an interview for a job with a charter school in Boston. She was to spend the ENTIRE day there at the school, and teach two demo lessons at 3pm and 4pm to 9th and 10th graders! what freshmen and sophomores in high school wanna stay at school until 5pm? or better, how do freshmen and sophomores in high school feel at 4pm, still at school since 8am? well, apparently the kids loved Annie and her lesson. the stress came from the teachers and the principle who kept Annie there in the “interview process” for NINE AND A HALF HOURS! at the end, when i picked her up, the principle had told her that she passed with “flying colors” the interview part, though Annie is not sure she wants the job anymore. all the teachers she talked to had admitted to her that they had no life under their current job at this charter school, which does have excellent graduation numbers, etc. But, just getting married, does Annie want to start her marriage in a job in which she has no life? How would she be there for her husband if she has not even time for herself under this job?

In the meantime, I spent the day at the Boston Temple, which was nice, but as I did not get much sleep, and had the busy day the day before, I was quite exhausted as I was performing my duties there.

So both Annie and I were exhausted and just headed home after her interview, rather than doing more in the temple, as we had planned. After that, for the rest of the week, we both got a chance to relax and just enjoy each other’s company. It was so nice to see her every day for so many days. Yes, marriage to Annie will be heaven to me. It is so NICE to be around her. I can only wish such happiness upon all people that God created here on Earth.


About Daniel

Life is grand. This is the story of a new family, a recently married couple and their honeymoon baby girl. Life throws at you some fastballs, and then some curveballs.
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